What is advocacy?

While the term advocacy is defined in Webster’s Dictionary as “one who pleads on behalf of another,” the definition is quite broad and can manifest itself in a multitude of ways. It boils down to a simple motto of treating people as you would like to be treated. Advocates have paved the way to make sure that people are treated equally and fairly without prejudice. We must not forget that at one time over 12,000 people were institutionalized in one state hospital, women were looked at as an inferior gender, and people were segregated because of the color of their skin. Most people would be appalled by such injustices today, but it is sad to say that it was the norm just a few decades ago. Advocacy works to continuously break down the barriers that prohibit people from living a life full of hope and opportunity.

How and Why We Serve As Advocates

The Arc Macon works to make certain that people with developmental disabilities have an integrated, meaningful life with an opportunity to live, work, and play as they choose. Through the work of the State of Georgia, providers, and advocacy groups, the work to close institutional settings has begun. Our agency has worked to transition many individuals from institutional care to community life. We do this not as a result of some mandate but because it is the right thing to do. Our agency is blessed by having the opportunity to help people every day and provide a place in the community for people to live is just one example.

Become An Advocate

We would encourage everyone to find a purpose, a cause, or place that you are passionate about and support it. There is great joy in giving back to others, and we may need people to advocate for us some day. For more information about our Advocacy Services, you may contact our Executive Assistant, Alleyne Benson, via email here.