The Importance of Self-Advocacy

Why is self-advocacy important?

Self-advocacy teaches people to identify issues and items that mean the most to them. It helps people prioritize their hopes and dream and to make certain that nothing gets in the way of helping people achieve. The Arc-Macon is supporting people in the development of a self-advocacy group. The group is in the process of gathering information from other self-advocacy groups across the state.

The Dream Weavers, a self-advocacy group from Cleveland, Georgia, came to Macon to meet with us, and we recently took a trip to their hometown to learn more about what they do. The self-advocacy group will eventually lead their own meetings and make decision regarding the direction of the group. It is hopeful that they will be able to spend time across the state helping to advocate for the rights of people with disabilities and also make a positive contribution to their community. If you know of someone who might be interested in participating in a self-advocacy group, please call our office.